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martes, 20 de mayo de 2014

Exploration Tour: YANACHAGA CHEMILLEN July 25th - 31st 2014

July 25th - 31st 2014.  
Where the Amazon Forest was born
7 days / 6 nights
Until ten thousand years ago, by the end of the Pleistocene, planet Earth was frozen.  However, a place nowadays named in yanesha native language  Yanachaga Chemillen or dark mountain, remained green and isolated, hosting many and diverse flora and fauna species that afterwards spread widely and reforested the vast Amazon plains.

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The intended tour plan is the  one listed as 6 days / 5 nights -no biking in this tour, just transport from Lima on the 4x4 Land Rover and the journey into deep forest by boat, but the plan extended one more day to seven days because the exploration may take some extra time.

Tour booking started by:
Aníbal Paredes

Group size to the moment: 3
Max. group size: 8 

Min. group size: 4

Want to join?


per person in a 8 people group: $586
per person in a 7 people group: $664
per person in a 6 people group: $795
per person in a 5 people group: $1057
per person in a 4 people group: $1850

The bigger the group, the lower the price
Book by paying 10% of the lowest price. The final payment will be defined when the group gets closed about one week before departure. 

It seems to be a bit pricy, the operation of this tour is expensive, those are 1000k 4x4 overland round trip and one full day boat journey into deep forest and one more to get out. Included: Food, drinking water, transport, accommodation, equipment, guides, GPS navigation, SPOT satellite tracking, photos, videos and first aid.

"Find your way, get in tune with Earth and be recognized and accepted by Nature like the birds, like the fishes..." -Thor Heyerdahl

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