PERU CYCLING. Bike Tours Operator in Peru. Adventure Cycling Trips. The peruvian experts in bike trips throughout the country. After nine years doing what we love to do we think the expert level has been reached and now our bike tours are carefully organized including top notch equipment, the best logistics and special attention on safety in order to ensure you an unforgettable and exciting experience.



After a slow trip on our classic Land Rover support vehicle climbing the rough and steep Andes mountains near Lima to what feels like the top of the world at 3700m altitude you are going to be rewarded with an amazing downhill experience, some bikers call this the best DH ride on Earth.  A ride that’ll have you at times thinking you were riding on the surface of the Moon.

Mountain biking in Peru is diverse in its trail offerings, but on this in particular be ready for stony sections, some sandy tricky slopes, exciting drops and very long funny flowy lines, all gravity assisted.

Unlike the groomed European ski fields that transform to summer mountain bike parks, the tracks here are through wilderness and generally narrower, steeper, and adrenalin inducing. A massive run up to 86 km in length and 3,600 meters of vertical descent from the Andean mountain tops to the Pacific Ocean – you could almost consider it mind blowing!

The price to go on this amazing bike trip varies with the group size. We know for some mountain biking enthusiasts it may be a bit expensive –if the group is too small, despite we try to reduce the operations cost to minimum, but for sure this unique experience is worth value.


The bike ride is a downhill by an ancient Inka single track from Santo Domingo de los Olleros village at 3,670 m.a.s.l. to San Bartolo beach at sea level on the Pacific Ocean shores.
Considered as one of the best descents on Earth, it is a very long, flowy and entertaining ride through the superb beauty Andean scenery and when reaching the hill foot continues on a dry river bed that ends at the beach.

A truly unforgettable experience.

Early departure 4am from Lima on 4x4 Land Rover truck to Olleros. 9-10am approx. start the downhill bike ride to San Bartolo. 5pm approx. return to Lima on the 4x4 truck

Full time private 4x4 support vehicle round trip from Lima, expert guides, fruits, snacks, energy bars and gel, drinking water/hydration fluid, mechanical assistance, medical kit and first aid. Communication equipment, GPS aid and SPOT sattelite tracking and messenger. Hard tail, front suspension mountain bike and helmet. Copies of the photos and videos made during the tour.

Recommended to bring:
  • Sun screen
  • Back pack with hydration reservoir. 3lt
  • Cycling shorts
  • Long sleeve cycling jersey dry fit type
  • Wind stopper jacket
  • Extra money
  • Sun glasses
  • Gloves

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